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Dear Internet Friend !

I would like to express to you my true appreciation for coming to my store (web site). I want to let you know that while 99.99% of the Web upcomers, brag about their lack of needing bricks and mortar to set up a Web shop, we have both bricks, mortar and a willingness to please our customer.
We are not "Ether". We are "Reality". We have a real building, real walls, real machines and real people to take your calls and answer any question you may have or problems with the items (machines) you bought from us or for that matter from any body esle. We promise never to park you on a dead telephone machine or ask you to dial extension after extension and tell you that the waiting time is approximately "x minutes". We may not be Ebay, Yahoo or Amazon We just want to be a place you trust and come to when you have a special need .


Domenico Seminara

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Here is the map you can click on it
1. Blue is Pasta machines
Yellow is Gelato machines
3. Brown is Grinder machines
Green is Granita machines
Red is Cappuccino machines
. Pink is Museum Cappuccino machines

The Map of i-shop


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