Majestic Coffee roaster

The Majestic Coffee Roaster has been designed for coffee bars, retail point of sale, supermarkets, and anywhere a 9 lb. per hour electirc coffee roaster can be operated.

The technical features of the K1 allows the operator to achieve the same quality of roast as though he was using one of the larger Wampa models. The K1 appears to be a minaiature of the large roaster, not only on the exterior, but also on the interior. In fact, the interior duplicates all the strong built features including the double paddle cylinder, a trademark of Balestra roaster, ensuring an even and consistent reast every time.

The K1 is built with heavy guage steel parts. The chaff collector is detachable from the cyclone for easy cleaning, and the easy access control panel with digital display on the base of the unit makes the K1 simple and easy to operate.

Dimensions 110 cm (H) x 110 cm (W) x 50 cm (D)
Weight 71 kg
Capacity 100 gr (Min) - 1 kg (Max)
Power 220V
Production 3-4 kg/ hr
Roast Time 16-20 minutes

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