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"Panini Due"

Panini Grill Press

If you haven't yet it's time you do think about giving your place a simple but important "Facelift" start serving Panini!!! The benefit to you is multi-faceted, in addition to getting instant fame, you will make your cash register ring while at the same time stop doing subway a favor by advertising their main product free. This is probably the least expensive yet more profitable investment you can make in your place. Giuseppe will be happy to help you with suggestions and recipes in order to clear out the misconception you probably have about this product.

voltage: 220v
amp: 10amps
Height: 9 inch
Depth: 12 inch
Width: 24 inch
Panini Grill [click to view larger]
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Price $850.00 *

This item lists for $1,250.00

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